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To be Green or not to be, that is the Crypto Question!

The required change in the cryptocurrency energy paradigm.

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The E-Word (E for Energy is a big crypto-taboo)

Problems related to the general sector of cryptocurrencies are more and more known to the general public. Apart from their sensitivity to various hacking attempts, blockchains, cryptocurrencies and data mining have also gained a reputation for consuming a lot of energy.

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Still a relevant question, but let’s change the paradigm

Are these virtual currencies and the technology that supports them — commonly referred to as the blockchain — the source of innovation or significant economic and ecological risks?

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Crypto-currencies to subsidize a green mining

Other voices are being heard today. For them, the mining of altcoins does not have to be based on a model of polluting consumption or requiring fossil resources impossible to hold in the long term. They say today that it would be quite possible to produce digital currencies through alternative energy solutions. These solutions are the ones we already know, which have encouraged producers to look to countries like Iceland or Canada. But we need to go further than that. Clean energy and efficient operation would thus be an alternative to the problem so much mentioned by the defenders of the green revolutions.

Clean Power Generation

So, let’s work on good options to generate the required energy. Some are already in the market, others are in fast development.

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